finding optimal run length?
(too old to reply)
2004-12-08 23:07:19 UTC
I have a binary bitmap which depending on a source file may be dense
or sparse. For the more sparse bitmaps i wish to use RLE to compress
them. I am wondering whether there is a programtical way of
determining the best run length? (i.e. bits allocated for the length
of each run)
2004-12-09 01:55:37 UTC
Post by moogie
I have a binary bitmap which depending on a source file may be dense
or sparse. For the more sparse bitmaps i wish to use RLE to compress
them. I am wondering whether there is a programtical way of
determining the best run length? (i.e. bits allocated for the length
of each run)
you could huffman encode them?...

or, another possibly way (though less optimal) would be to average all the
run lengths and then choose a base value near from either the mean or median
count, and then use a rounded up log2 for the length.

eg: your mean length is around 3000, thus causing a bit count of 12 bits.

in this case, longer runs, however, would either be broken up or require
longer codes, which could be an issue.

2004-12-09 15:23:25 UTC
Post by moogie
I have a binary bitmap which depending on a source file may be dense
or sparse. For the more sparse bitmaps i wish to use RLE to compress
them. I am wondering whether there is a programtical way of
determining the best run length? (i.e. bits allocated for the length
of each run)

- Michael
2004-12-10 12:56:22 UTC
the melodrama

wtf? I didn't write this...

this is odd...
Tech Zero
2004-12-10 13:13:03 UTC
The forgeries seen in your group are the product of an entity
collectively known as "Dippy" to us NANAE users. One of his latest
attacks consist of crossposting Forgeries to random news groups &
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Because of this NANAE has become flooded by these "What The F***!"
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The Tech Zero, Maxx Pollare - Traveling without moving...
2004-12-10 16:42:59 UTC
Post by Tech Zero
The forgeries seen in your group are the product of an entity
collectively known as "Dippy" to us NANAE users. One of his latest
attacks consist of crossposting Forgeries to random news groups &
"news.admin-net-abuse.email". If you simply reply to these posts
you'll become part of his distributed attack on our newsgroup.
Because of this NANAE has become flooded by these "What The F***!"
posts, none of which are as easily filtered out as the tens of
If you must respond to these posts please be kind, and only reply to
the newsgroup you read it from... Thank You.
hmm, it doesn't help that one doesn't know about it until after the post.
not like I really give a crap about jfk anyways, he was several decades
before my lifetime...

it is an interesting strategy though.
Post by Tech Zero
(This has been a semi-automated reminder... Post #238)
The Tech Zero, Maxx Pollare - Traveling without moving...
2004-12-11 20:10:09 UTC
threat the
Kennedys posed to the elite: JFK was never in the CFR (Imperial
Brain Trust p. 247); Bobby Kennedy hated the Rockefellers (Thy
Will be Done pp. 538-542). For those sins, and encouraging others
to follow them, they must suffer the fate of the Undead. And
Marilyn Monroe must be thrown into that half-world with them. At
the hands of Bob Loomis' pal, that "liberal" crusader Sy Hersh.

As Anson says, he must just want the money.

Current events, most notably a past issue of Vanity Fair, and the
upcoming release of Sy Hersh's new book, extend an issue that I
have dealt with in a talk I have done several times around the
country in the last two years. It is entitled "The Two
Assassinations of John Kennedy." I call it that because there has
been an ongoing campaign of character assassination ever since
Kennedy was killed.

In the talk to date, I've dealt primarily with the attacks on
Kennedy from the left by Noam Chomsky and his henchman Alexander
Cockburn which occurred at the time of the release of Oliver
Stone's JFK. But historically speaking, the attacks on the
Kennedys, both Jack and Robert, have not come predominantly from
the left. The attacks from the right have been much more
numerous. And the attacks from that direction were always harsher
and more personal in tone. As we shall see, that personal tone
knows no limits. Through papers like the New York Times and
Washington Post, the attacks extend into the Kennedys' sex lives,
a barrier that had not been crossed in post-war mainstream media
to that time. To understand their longevity and vituperativeness,
it is necessary to sketch in how they all began. In that way, the
reader will be able to see that Hersh's book, the Vanity Fair
piece on Judith Exner, and an upcoming work by John Davis on Mary
Meyer, are part of a continuum.

The Right and the Kennedys

There can be no doubt that the right hated the Kennedys and
Martin Luther King.
2004-12-11 21:37:30 UTC
Basulto's Brothers to the Rescue). They, and specifically Jeanne
Kirkpatrick, treated the downing as a great propaganda victory.
In his book, The Target Is Destroyed, Hersh ended up siding with
the administration.

Which brings us to the nineties. Everyone knows that the broad
release of Oliver Stone's JFK in 1992 put the Kennedy
assassination back into play. The pre-release attack against the
film was unprecedented in movie history. That's because it was
more than just a movie. It was a message, with powerful political
overtones that dug deeply into the public psyche: a grand
political conspiracy had killed the last progressive president.

That Vietnam would have never happened if Kennedy had lived. That
JFK was working for accommodation with Castro at the time of his
death. That the country has not really been the same since.
The preemptive strike was successful in slowing up the film's
momentum out of the starting block. But the movie did increase
the number of people who believe the case was a conspiracy into
the ninety-percent range. The following year, in anticipation of
the 30th anniversary of the murder, Gerald Posner got the jump on
the critics with his specious book on the case. The media hailed
him as a truth-teller. The critics were shut out. No nonfiction
book in recent memory ever received such a huge publicity
campaign-and deserved it less.

Looming in the Background

After Jim Marrs debated Posner on the Kevin McCarthy show in
Dallas, he chatted with him. Marrs asked him how he came to do
the book. Posner replied that an editor at Random House, one Bob
Loomis, got in contact with him and promised him cooperation from
the CIA with the book. This explains how Posner got access to KGB
turncoat Yuri Nosenko, who was put on a CIA retainer in the late
seventies. At the time of Posner-mania, Alan Houston wrote Mr.

Loomis, who also edited the Posner book. In a reply dated
10/27/93, Loomis revealed much about himself:
I have no doubt that you really belie
2004-12-11 22:06:52 UTC
as and most
importantly the United Nations Charter and the Kellogg-Briand Peace
Pact, both of which Iraq is contracting party to along with the United
States and the United Kingdom. In other words, the Bush Jr./Blair war
against Iraq constituted a Nuremberg Crime against Peace on both counts.

Finally, U.S. Department of the Army Field Manual FM 27-10, The Law of
Land Warfare (1956) expressly incorporates this Nuremberg Doctrine of
Crimes under International Law as follows: Section II. CRIMES UNDER

498. Crimes Under International Law

Any person, whether a member of the armed forces or a civilian, who
commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is
responsible therefor and liable to punishment. Such offenses in
connection with war comprise:

1. Crimes against peace.
2. Crimes against humanity.
3. War crimes.

Although this manual recognizes the criminal responsibility of
individuals for those offenses which may comprise any of the foregoing
types of crimes, members of the armed forces will normally be concerned
only with those offenses constituting "war crimes."

499. War Crimes

The term "war crime" is the technical expression for a violation of the
law of war by any person or persons, military or civilian. Every
violation of the law of war is a war crime.

500. Conspiracy, Incitement, Attempts, and Complicity

Conspiracy, direct incitement, and attempts to commit, as well as
complicity in the commission of, crimes against peace, crimes against
humanity, and war crimes are punishable.

These prohibitions of U.S. Army Field 27-10 (1956) apply directly to
President Bush Jr. in his constitutional capacity as "Commander-in-Chi
2004-12-11 21:39:29 UTC
to admit combat troops
into the war, integral to any escalation plan, and NSAM 263,
which ordered a withdrawal to be completed in 1965. This last was
published in the New York Times (11/16/63), so Davis could have
easily found it had he been looking.

In light of this selective presentation of the record on Vietnam,
plus the acrobatic contortions performed on the Church Committee
report, one has to wonder about Davis' intent in doing the book.

I question his assertion that when he began the book he "did not
have a clear idea where it would lead." (p. 694) So I was not
surprised that in addition to expanding Exner's story, he
uncritically accepted the allegations about Mary Meyer and
Marilyn Monroe (pp. 610-612). As the reader can see, in the three
areas outlined at the beginning of this essay, Davis hit a
triple. In all the threads, he has either held steady or advanced
the frontier. It is interesting in this regard to note that Davis
devotes many pages to JFK's assassination (pp. 436-498). He
writes that Kennedy died at the "hands of Lee Harvey Oswald and
possible co-conspirators" (p. 436). Later, he will write that
Sirhan killed Bobby Kennedy (p. 552). Going even further, he can
state that:
It would be a misstatement, then, to assert that Deputy
Attorney General Katzenbach and the members of the Warren
Commission...consciously sought to cover up evidence
pertaining to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. (P. 461)

As the declassified record now shows (Probe Vol. 4 #6 "Gerald
Ford: Accessory after the Fact") this is just plain wrong. Davis
then tries to insinuate any cover-up was brought on by either a
backfiring of the Castro plots (Davis p. 454) or
2004-12-11 22:17:53 UTC
in pursuit of the Purposes stated in
Article 1, shall act in accordance with the following Principles.

. . .

3. All Members shall settle their international disputes by peaceful
means in such a manner that international peace and security, and
justice, are not endangered.

4. All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the
threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political
independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the
Purposes of the United Nations.

Iraq, the United States, and the United Kingdom are all Founding Members
of the United Nations Organization. Not that it mattered to the United
States and the United Kingdom. Reversing the Stimson Doctrine When
imperial Japan invaded China in 1931 in order to loot and plunder
Manchuria, the United States government adopted what came to be known as
the Stimson Doctrine, after then U.S. Secretary of State Henry Stimson:
Namely, that the United States government would not recognize any legal
consequences flowing from a violation of the Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact,
otherwise known as the Pact of Paris.55 Despite the fact that the United
States was not a Member of the League of Nations, nevertheless the
League of Nations endorsed the Stimson Doctrine with respect to the
Japanese aggres
2004-12-11 21:26:07 UTC
or military personnel. Nazi civilian
government officials were convicted and hanged at Nuremberg too.41

Notice that in accordance with paragraph 500 of U.S. Army Field Manual
27-10 (1956), pursuant to the now officially promulgated Bush Jr.
Doctrine of Preventive Warfare, the above-named individuals are also
currently engaging in an on-going criminal conspiracy to commit more
Nuremberg Crimes against Peace which are "punishable." In other words,
the official Bush Jr. Doctrine of Preventive Warfare itself constitutes
in fact and in law an on-going Nuremberg Crime against Peace in its own
right. Once again, from the perspective of international legal history,
the United States government itself is now mimicking the Nazi
government: Austria; Czechoslovakia; Poland; World War II. Versus
Serbia;42 Afghanistan; Iraq; and next North Korea, or Iran, or Syria?
Can World War III be far behind? On 18 June 2003 the Bush Jr.
administration illegally attacked and invaded but withdrew from Syria.43
There is no international legal doctrine justifying "hot pursuit" across
land borders. This was aggression pure and simple. Then on 26 August
2003 President Bush Jr. to
Sergei Olonichev
2004-12-12 22:14:43 UTC
Post by moogie
I have a binary bitmap which depending on a source file may be dense
or sparse. For the more sparse bitmaps i wish to use RLE to compress
them. I am wondering whether there is a programtical way of
determining the best run length? (i.e. bits allocated for the length
of each run)
You can make it adaptive if you are not sure about staistic of your data.

2004-12-28 20:02:27 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:38:49 UTC
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2004-12-28 18:36:18 UTC
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2004-12-28 19:49:31 UTC
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2004-12-28 19:24:29 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:01:24 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:27:22 UTC
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2004-12-28 19:48:53 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:02:29 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:29:41 UTC
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2004-12-28 19:49:43 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:27:21 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:49:34 UTC
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2004-12-28 19:05:20 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:27:42 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:10:18 UTC
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2004-12-28 18:53:36 UTC
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2004-12-28 19:56:01 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:40:00 UTC
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2004-12-28 22:26:01 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:57:51 UTC
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2004-12-28 19:41:42 UTC
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2004-12-28 23:00:01 UTC
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2004-12-28 19:57:00 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:04:56 UTC
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2004-12-28 19:35:47 UTC
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2004-12-28 19:58:18 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:11:24 UTC
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2004-12-28 22:24:39 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:18:50 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:26:41 UTC
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2004-12-28 23:17:46 UTC
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2004-12-28 23:26:44 UTC
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2004-12-28 23:17:20 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:14:53 UTC
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2004-12-28 22:53:36 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:42:26 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:57:45 UTC
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2004-12-28 19:51:45 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:36:23 UTC
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2004-12-28 22:49:46 UTC
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2004-12-28 22:59:24 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:55:38 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:52:28 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:03:54 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:52:54 UTC
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2004-12-28 22:59:39 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:49:31 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:44:50 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:59:07 UTC
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2004-12-28 20:55:20 UTC
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2004-12-28 23:31:54 UTC
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2004-12-29 00:20:28 UTC
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2004-12-28 23:31:59 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:01:44 UTC
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2004-12-28 22:38:00 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:54:10 UTC
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2004-12-28 21:57:55 UTC
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2004-12-28 23:20:41 UTC
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